October 2007 Community Update


Banksville Civic Association is working to build its membership. Please contact its President, Kim Dietrick, at kd79mg@aol.com to get involved.

Upcoming events in Banksville:

10/12/07 Redd Up Days: Blitz on Banksville Beautification Clean-up @ Days Inn parking lot (8:30 a.m.)


Beechview is working with the Department of City Planning to undergo the process to create a community plan. This plan will have a strong economic development angle. The process will be guided by a steering committee comprised of neighborhood residents and led by the neighborhood umbrella organization, Community Leaders United for Beechview (CLUB).

CLUB is working with some tech-savvy neighborhood residents to make the Beechview Summit available online.

Upcoming events in Beechview:

10/13/07 Redd Up Days: BACC Clean-up

10/20/07 40th Anniversary Open House, Carnegie Library Beechview Branch

10/31/07 Halloween Parade (8:00 p.m.)


Brookline Area Community Council meets the last Monday of the month September – May. We are looking for suggestions for our upcoming year. Who would you like to meet and talk with? What community concern would you like us to find experts on? Contact BACC at AFerrieri@AOL.com to share your ideas.

Upcoming events in Brookline:

10/13/07 Redd Up Days: SPDC Clean-up @ 755 Brookline Blvd (9:00 a.m.)

10/27/07 Halloween Parade (2:00 p.m.)

10/29/07 Brookline Area Community Council meeting @ TBA (6:00 – 9:00 p.m.) Speaker: Randy Lheureau, Northside Leadership Conference, “So you think you want to work in a casino?” information session

11/08/07 Brookline Chamber of Commerce “Brookline Social” @ Moonlight CafĂ© (this is an evening event; tickets must be purchased in advance)


Residents of Carrick have been participating in the South Pittsburgh Hilltop Communities Weed and Seed Steering Committee. The City of Pittsburgh has submitted an application on behalf of this group to the national Weed and Seed program.

Carrick Business Association (CBA) and Carrick Community Council have been working together to improve the neighborhood’s business district. At the September meeting of CBA, Jennifer Gomez of the Mayor’s Renovation Project spoke to over 20 business owners about participating in the project. Additionally, both organizations met with Megan Stearman of the Urban Redevelopment Authority to discuss submitting an application for Carrick to participate in the Mainstreets Program in 2008.

A School Safety Zone has been established around Carrick High School. This is a partnership program that engages neighborhood residents in keeping the areas around schools safer.

Upcoming events in Carrick:

10/12/07 Redd Up Day Clean-up around Carrick High School

10/13/07 Redd Up Day: CBA Clean-up @ Carrick Shopping Center (8:00 a.m.)

10/25/07 CBA meeting @ Thee Old Place Inn, 1209 Streets Run Road (6:30 p.m. networking; 7:00 p.m. dinner – RSVP to 412-881-7933; 8:00 p.m. meeting)

10/27/07 Halloween Parade @ Sankey Avenue (11:00 a.m.)


Overbrook Community Council is looking to rebuild its membership and help to make Overbrook a better place to live. If you are interested in helping out, please contact Carol Anthony at 412-884-2462.

The South Pittsburgh Historical Group meets monthly to discuss the local history of South Pittsburgh.

Fun fact: When Overbrook became a borough in 1919, it was made up of the villages of Overbrook, Oakleigh, Fairhaven and Oak Station.

Upcoming events in Overbrook:

11/01/07 South Pittsburgh Historical Group meeting @ Overbrook Firehouse (7:00 p.m.)

All South Pittsburgh Neighborhoods

Finally, many of our neighborhoods are planning to participate in a city-wide clean-up effort on October 12, 13 and 14, 2007. To participate, please contact your neighborhood steward (below). If your neighborhood is not listed, you can become the steward there by contacting Boris Weinstein at boris.weinstein@verizon.net.

Banksville Kim Dietrich kd79mg@aol.com

Brookline Keith Knecht kck@verizon.net

Beechview Phyllis DiDiano didianop@carnegielibrary.org

Carrick Dan Derence danderence@carrickpa.com

Overbrook Sue Baumgart sbaumgart58@comcast.net