November 2007 Community Update


Community Plan
The RFP closes today for a consultant to help Beechview conduct a neighborhood-wide planning process. This resulting plan will be a comprehensive look at the neighborhood and identify key projects that will improve the quality of life for residents. A steering committee comprised of community stakeholders, and directed by the Pittsburgh Department of City Planning, will review proposals and select a consultant for planning to begin with the new year.

Zoning Hearing
On December 6th, 1552 Beechview Avenue will be under consideration at the Pittsburgh Zoning Board of Adjustment because of an application to operate a check-cashing business there. In order for a check-cashing business to operate there, a variance must be granted as the current ordinance states that check-cashing establishments are not permitted within 500 feet of residential property.

Check-cashing establishments are often viewed as predatory lenders, engaging in payday lending that extends very high interest rates to customers under the assumption that loans will be short-term (until the next payday).

Citizens interested in taking action on this issue can speak at the zoning hearing; contact the Zoning Board at 412-255-2231 to sign up. Alternatively, citizens can submit written testimony to:
Wrenna Watson
Chairwoman, Zoning Board of Adjustment
c/o Dolores Hanna
4th Floor
200 Ross Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15219

Upcoming events in Beechview:

11/09/07 – Bingo @ St. Catherine of Siena Church

12/06/07 – Zoning Board of Adjustment Hearing @ 200 Ross Street (8:50 a.m.)


Visit from Mayor
On October 29th, Mayor Ravenstahl took a walking tour of Brookline. Councilmember Jim Motznik and Director of Neighborhood Initiatives Kim Graziani were also in attendance. The mayor walked the length of Brookline Boulevard accompanied by several neighborhood residents including representatives of the Brookline Area Community Council, Brookline Chamber of Commerce, and South Pittsburgh Development Corporation.

Upcoming events in Brookline:

11/26/07 – Brookline Area Community Council Meeting @ St. Mark’s Evangelical Lutheran Church, 933 Brookline Boulevard (7:00 p.m.)


Carrick Google Group
Natalia Rudiak created a Google Group for Carrick (see the link in the right-hand column). This is a website-based email list that allows neighorhood residents to communicate about local issues, events, concerns and ideas. Neighborhood history has been a major theme on the list so far. Through the list, residents in Carrick have been able to connect with residents in Overbrook and the South Pittsburgh Historical Society. To join the Carrick Google Group, follow the link in the right-hand column and then click, “Join this group.”

Carrick History
Interest around the history of Carrick has been growing. A neighborhood history committee is in development and this group is interested in producing an “Images of America” book for Carrick, like those that have been produced for Beechview and Brookline. The interest in local history has spurred civic pride.

Upcoming events in Carrick:

11/14/07 – Carrick Community Council Meeting @ Concord Elementary (7:00 p.m.); Speaker: Commander Ross, City of Pittsburgh Police

11/28/07 – South Pittsburgh Hilltop Community Weed and Seed Meeting @ St. John Vienney Church, Lower Level Hall (7:00 p.m.)

All South Pittsburgh Neighborhoods

Mayor’s Neighborhood Forum
“Join Mayor Luke Ravenstahl for a Mayor’s Neighborhood Forum – one of a series of ten community conversations throughout Pittsburgh neighborhoods. The Mayor will report back on initiatives such as his Neighborhoods First Agenda and solicit input on the state and future of the communities of Banksville, Beechview, Bon Air, Brookline, Carrick and Overbrook.”

Upcoming events in South Pittsburgh:

12/05/07 – Mayor’s Neighborhood Forum @ St. Mark’s Evangelical Lutheran Church, 933 Brookline Boulevard (6:30 p.m.)


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  1. On Tuesday evening, the Steering Committee working on the Beechview plan met again and narrowed the consultants who had applied down to 4 for interviews. Those four will be interviewed in early January.

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