Progress in Beechview!

Beechview has recently been focused on business district revitalization. Efforts have been stalled because many properties in the business district have been owned by one person, Bernardo Katz. Four of the properties owned by Katz were mortgaged by loans through the city’s Urban Redevelopment Authority. After continued urging by the community, the URA announced at their November board meeting that they had decided to begin the steps to initiate foreclosure. The community now hopes that as the foreclosure proceedings continue, the URA will keep the community informed and involved in the progress.

The news was covered by both the Post Gazette and the Trib-Review.


3 Responses

  1. I read the Trib report and it indicated that Mr. Katz was going to build a 2.6 million dollar senior center but neglected to indicate that 1.4 million was public money and that the presentation indicated it was a 2 million dollar project, with his contribution of $600,000 being equity in existing real estate. Indicators point to his equity slipping away due to none payment.

  2. In the ongoing story of Bernardo Katz and Beechview: At the latest meeting of CLUB (Community Leaders United for Beechview) we had a surprise guest, Holly Katz. Ms Katz is the estranged wife of Bernardo Katz. She apologized to the community for the problems created by her husband in the Beechview Business District and indicated if anyone in the community was interested in any of the properties to please contact her attorney, Joseph Lawrence. His number is 412-281-5423.

  3. Mr Katz has not owned those buildings he simply has over mortaged them and spent the equity that it not there. The URA and Banks must be involved because why else would anybody lend that kind of money on buildings that need torn down. He has promised that all these businesses have comitted to move to our area and yet none of them ever have. Smoke and mirrors and now he is probably off to Brazil

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