Building Conditions

If properties in your neighborhood are in substandard condition, you have several options for action.

It is easiest to report the property to the City of Pittsburgh’s 3-1-1 line. Simply dial 3-1-1 between 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. and a representative will take down your concern. 3-1-1 is convenient because it will route your issue to the appropriate department, including the Bureau of Building Inspection and the Housing Authority. There is also a 3-1-1 form available online. When working with 3-1-1, it is helpful to ask for a reference number so that you can follow-up on your request if desired.

Concerns regarding property conditions should generally be reported to the City’s Bureau of Building Inspection, which regulates the construction, demolition and occupancy of all buildings in the city. BBI has inspectors that review property conditions and cite those owners whose properties are in violation of the building code. You can contact BBI directly by calling 412-255-2621 or emailing

Some residential properties in your neighborhood might contain public or Section 8 units. Public housing is property owned by the Housing Authority of the City of Pittsburgh that is rented to low-income tenants. Section 8 housing is privately-owned property, the owner of which chooses to accept publicly-funded Section 8 vouchers from low-income tenants as a rent subsidy. HACP is responsible for regulating the Section 8 program locally.

If a problem property in your neighborhood is owned by HACP, you can call 412-201-4227 to report it. If you suspect that a problem property participates in the Section 8 program, you can report it to HACP’s Section 8 Division at 412-456-5090 or It is not public information whether a given property participates in the Section 8 program.

Joyce Miller of HACP attended a recent Brookline Community Council meeting and provided the following contact information:

Complaints: 412-456-5058
Tips: 412-471-2275 (her email)

Again, 3-1-1 will take your concern and, whether the property is privately-owned, Section 8, or public housing, forward it to the appropriate City department for follow-up.

It is important to note that illegal activity, such as drug activity, is not permitted in publicly-funded housing. This means that tenants who take advantage of these programs can lose their subsidy if they break the law. To report illegal activity, call 9-1-1 first. You may also choose to notify HACP.


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