Renew Brookline this Saturday


 Renew Brookline

Saturday, June 28

10:00 am – 1:00 pm


Brookline Memorial Park

1400 Brookline Boulevard


* become more active in the neighborhood

* clean up Brookline Blvd. & playgrounds

* assist with community service projects


 To sign up to volunteer, call or visit:

Kevin Acklin   (412) 805-8348

History Mystery Run and Ride in Carrick

Run, hike or bike along a 3 mile trail spotlighting Carrick’s surprising diverse historic points of interest. We will meet at the 1613 Saloon at 1613 Brownsville Road at 6:30 PM, Thursday, June 26th. Participants should bring cash for this over 21, pay-as-you-go event and plan on climbing some of the many hills in the area as part of the trail. Go to for more information.

Safe Neighborhoods Kick-Off Meeting

The Pittsburgh Community Reinvestment Group will be holding its Safe Neighborhoods Kick-Off event Saturday June 28th in the Bayer Hall Rotunda at Duquesne University from 12-4pm.

Safe Neighborhoods is a collaborative network of block watches across Pittsburgh. Sponsored by PCRG, their goal is to bring neighborhood public safety activists together to share strategies, discuss root causes of crime across communities, receive training from public safety experts, and build safe communities from the grass roots up.

TO RSVP for food, contact or (412) 391-6732 ext. 210.

Duquesne University is served by the 61, 71 and 500 buslines and the Steel Plaza T station. Parking will be validated


Written by John Rudiak

Carrick is located on the southeastern edge of the City of Pittsburgh with Brownsville Road serving as the main commercial thoroughfare and the backbone of the community. In 1853, Dr. John H. O’Brien received permission from the U. S. Postal Service to establish a post office in the area; for his hard work he was given the honor of naming the area, and he chose “Carrick” after his home town, Carrick-on-Suir, Ireland. Carrick became a Borough in 1904 and in 1926 voted to become part of the City of Pittsburgh. In 1927 it officially became known as the 29th Ward. Located between the suburbs of the South Hills and downtown, Carrick is well-served by public transportation. Once home to prominent mansions and wealthy families, the neighborhood currently has an affordable, solid housing stock and remains family-oriented. The Carrick section of Brownsville Road is approximately 2 miles long; it is generally comprised of three discrete business districts with residential areas in between.

Carrick prides itself as having two fine elementary schools, Concord and Quentin Roosevelt as well as Carrick High School. Along with well-kept modest and large grand homes, the neighborhood boasts of numerous parklet playgrounds, the Carnegie Library of Carrick, historic Phillips Park (comprised of walking paths, a disc golf course, a recreation center and swimming pool) and Volunteers Field (comprised of an expertly maintained baseball only field and a multipurpose athletic field.) Carrick includes many places of worship, including Catholic, Protestant, Evangelical, Jehovah Witness, Lutheran and Catholic Orthodox.

In 1997, Carrick was named the first “Cool Community” in the northern United States by the U.S. Department of Energy. “Cool Community” is a national recognition program for strategic tree planting for energy conservation purposes. Partnering with conservation organizations, community groups worked to weatherize homes and businesses, plant trees and flowers, and add elements of “green building” to the renovation of Carrick High School.

Public Safety Resources

Pittsburgh Police Blotter

The Pittsburgh Police Blotter is a great neighborhood resource available to citizens.  Click on this link to view Zone by Zone reports of arrests and police activity updated daily. 


Citizen Observer – Help the Pittsburgh Police fight crime by signing up for the Citizen Observer! The Citizen Observer allows law enforcement agencies to quickly enter content about crimes or incidents, and within seconds, push that info out to businesses, citizens, watch groups, and others that have signed up to receive the alerts.  Log on to and click on the “Sign Up for Alerts” link if you would like to receive Citizen Observer alerts.

The Side Yard Sale Program

If your house borders an overgrown, publicly owned, vacant lot, you no longer have to look out your window and cringe. The City of Pittsburgh in cooperation with City Source Associates is introducing a low-cost minimum way for you to buy that lot and make it your own.  If you own a property that directly borders a vacant lot then you may be eligible to purchase the property and transform it into a garden, parking pad, etc.  For more details visit: or call 412-255-2300.

June 2008 Community Update


Community Plan

Beechview wrapped up its community plan with a final neighborhood-wide meeting on Saturday, May 31st. The final document will be available at the end of June. Paper copies will be available in some public places, such as the library.

Urban Gardening in Beechview

The parks and recreation committee, a group formed as part of the community planning process that may become a standing committee in CLUB in the future, would like to begin plans to host a community festival.  In order to prepare for this event, the group would like to form an urban gardening initiative to beautify Beechview.  If you are interested in this initiative, please respond with a blog post.

Sherriff’s Sale

Nearly all of the S & T Bank owned properties in foreclosure were put on Sherriff’s sale last week.  The majority of the properties were bought back by S & T Bank and the community is looking forward to the properties seeing the properties transferred into responsible hands. 

Streetface Program

The City of Pittsburgh’s Urban Redevelopment Authority has money dedicated to Beechview for commercial business owners and tenants to improve their storefronts through the Streetface program.  URA staff attended the Beechview Merchants Association meeting to explain the program to local businesses and to invite them to submit applications. If you are a Beechview business owner interested in taking advantage of this program, please contact Quianna Wasler, Mainstreet Development Specialist at 412-255-6550 or


Beechview will soon be home to yet another mural project! The MLK Mural Project will paint a mural this summer on the underpass at Broadway and Wenzell Avenues. We want to keep the momentum going by adding more murals to the neighborhood. There will be a meeting on 6/21/08 at 11:00 a.m. at the Carnegie Library in Beechview to begin the planning process for this mural.  This project is sponsored by Community Leaders United for Beechview with financial support from State Representative Chelsa Wagner. 

Upcoming events in Beechview

June 9 to August 12- Sign up for summer reading at the library @ Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, Beechview Branch, 1910 Broadway Avenue

June 11 Last day of school for students, Fifth Grade Graduation @ Beechwood Elementary, 810 Rockland Ave. (9:00 a.m.)

June 14- Songwriter and performer Karen Jordan presents: A Silly Bug Sing Along @ Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, Beechview Branch, 1910 Broadway Avenue (1:00 p.m.)

June 16-Family storytimes resume @ Carnegie Library, Beechview Branch, Mondays (11:30 a.m.)

June 22-Clean up day @ Broadway and Wenzell (1:00 p.m.)

June 26-28-Summer Festival @ St. Pamphilus, 1000 Tropical Avenue (all day)


Merger Proceeds

The merger of South Pittsburgh Development Corporation and the Brookline Chamber of Commerce continues to move forward.  Both groups approved the concept of a merger and the organizations are working together to determine next steps in the merger process. 

Upcoming Events in Brookline

06/09/08 – Chamber of Commerce @ District Justice Charles McLaughlin’s Office, 736 Brookline Boulevard (6:00 p.m.)

06/10/08 – Block Watch @ Charles McLaughlin’s Office (7:00 p.m.)

There will be no June meeting of the Brookline Area Community Council.

The Block watch meeting will be the only meeting held in July and August.


Sprout Fund Mural

Carrick is gearing up for the Sprout Fund mural project!  The community is working through the design selection process; keep your eye out for a kick-off event to be scheduled in early July!

Carrick-Overbook Historical Society

Help spread the word and educate the community about local history to increase the pride, awareness, and respect of the neighborhood.  Meet at the Carrick Library every Saturday morning-call before attending the meeting.  Activities include scanning photos and artifacts, interviewing local historians, and creating educational materials.  Contact John at or 412-885-2548.

Carrick Litter Patrol

Would you like to help promote, inspire, and coordinate anti-litter events?  Contact Dawn Harder, the Clean Pittsburgh Steward, at 412-819-0889 or visit

Carrick Website/Email List

The new Carrick web site is looking for volunteers with technical, design, and web skills to help put content online. Contact T.J. Harris at, 412-819-0889

Interested in staying informed about news and events in your community? Join the Carrick E-mail list. See

Carrick goes Gardening!

We need volunteers for various gardening projects around Carrick!  Also, submit your beautiful gardens for the “Carrick goes Gardening” contest—applications available at Hess Floral, Rep. Harry Readshaw’s office, and the Carrick Library.  Submit address and photos by June 28, 2008. For questions call 412-884-3834 or email

Green-Up Program

Carrick is currently working with the City to find a suitable lot for the Green-Up program, a program that renovates vacant lots by planting native, low maintenance plants and shrubbery. 

Tree Tending Program

Pittsburgh Friends of the Urban Forest (PFUF) is a city-wide non-profit program that helps neighborhoods come up with an approach to tree care. Carrick will be working with PFUF to train “tree tenders” to maintain trees on Brownsville Road and work with the City to take down dead or damaged trees. 

Carrick Corn Fest

Non-profit organizations are needed for the Carrick Corn Fest.  The Corn Fest is a community non-profit festival focusing on family and children. Any non-profit in Carrick can take part.  Contact Mary Angela Ogg and Jean Fink for more info.

Upcoming Events in Carrick

8/23/08 Carrick Corn Fest @ Carrick High School Field, 125 Parkfield Street (12:00 p.m.-dark).

 All South Pittsburgh Neighborhoods

Schenley Sportsplex Track & Field Classic

Schenley Park will be hosting an extraordinary day of track and field competition on 6/28/08 where experienced athletes will be able to compete in USATF-sanctioned events while other boys and girls desiring to become involved in track and field will take part in exhibition competitions throughout the day.  No experience is necessary but advanced registration is required.  Boys and girls age 6-18 can compete in a variety of events including the 100 meter, 200 meter, 400 meter, relay, long jump, and turbo javelin.  To register please call Citiparks at 412-422-6542.

Citiparks Summer Guide Available Online

Looking for something to do this summer? The Citiparks Summer Guide is available online and has information about movies in the park, concerts, and other activities. Visit

Upcoming Events

6/10/08 South Neighborhoods Community Roundtable with Mayor Luke Ravenstahl @ Mt. Washington Senior Center, 122 Virginia Avenue (6:00-8:00 p.m.) Please RSVP to

 6/28/08 Schenley Sportsplex Track and Field Classic, Schenley Oval Sportsplex @ Overlook Drive, Schenley Park (8:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m.)