September 2008 Community Update


  • Clean up Beechview is evolving into Pretty Up Beechview
  • CLUB sent a proposal to the URA for the 4 Katz properties
  • The Pashek Study (community strategic plan) has been published
  • Pittsburgh History and Landmarks Foundation has shown interest in studying the neighborhood
  • Paving sidewalks continues down the hill to Brashear High School


In the future, The South Pittsburgh Development Corporation will do business as the Brookline Development Corporation to avoid confusion regarding its jurisdiction.

Upcoming Events in Brookline:

09/19/08 – Car Cruise @ Brookline Recreation Center, 1400 Brookline Boulevard (5:00 p.m. until dark)

09/29/08 – Brookline Area Community Council @ St. Mark’s Church, 933 Brookline Boulevard (7:00 p.m.) Topic: mortgages, Guest: ACORN

10/13/08 – Chamber of Commerce @ District Justice Charles McLaughlin’s Office, 736 Brookline Boulevard  (6:00 p.m.)

10/13/08 – South Pittsburgh Development Corporation @ McLaughlin’s Office (7:00 p.m.)

10/14/08 – Block Watch @ McLaughlin’s Office (7:00 p.m.)


Graduated Tree Tenders in Carick!
Friends of the Pittsburgh Urban Forested hosted Tree Tender classes in Carrick in August.  13 Carrick residents participated in the classes and will help tend to the city trees in Carrick along with 2 residents who previously graduated. The participants learned how to properly trim trees, watering needs of newly planted trees and how to identify illnesses in trees.

The purpose of the classes was to not only take care of existing trees in the neighborhood but also to help tend to the trees that the Mayor is giving Carrick as part of the StreetScape program.  Carrick will recieve up to 60 trees to be planted on Brownsville Rd. The first planting is due in November with additional plantings next spring and fall.  For the initial planting 26 request were filled out from residents and business owners along Brownsville Rd.  Requests are still available.  Alice Vaday will continue to reach out to the business/property owners on Brownsville Rd. to help fill out the forms.  Anyone interested in a shade tree can also contact Alice at 412.885.3293.

Upcoming Events in Carrick:

09/21/08 – Mural Dedication Event @ Parking Lot of Vern’s Electric, 1907-1917 Brownsville Road (12:30 p.m.)

10/01/08 – 29th Ward Democratic Committee @ Carrick High School Library, 125 Parkfield Street (7:00 p.m.)

10/29/08 – 29th Ward Democratic Committee @ Carrick High School Library, 125 Parkfield Street (7:00 p.m.)

11/22/08 – 29th Ward Democratic Committee Holiday Party @ Saint Pius X Church, 2336 Brownsville Road (time TBA)

Carrick Mural Dedication!

3rd Annual CTAC All-neighborhood Block Party