Community Updates


  • South Pittsburgh Development Corporation has started a monthly newsletter, The Brookline. The newsletter is available in email form, from SPDC’s website, or it can be picked up in most businesses on Brookline Boulevard
  • The Brookline Chamber of Commerce is hard at work fundraising for new Christmas lights
  • Brookline Area Community Council will host “Education in Pittsburgh Public Schools” on March 30th, 7:30pm, St. Mark’s Church
  • Brookline Area Community Council will host a Candidates Forum on April 27th, 7:30pm, St. Mark’s Church
  • The Annual Brookline Spring Fling will be March 21st, 11am-2pm at District Magistrate Charlie McLaughlin’s Office. Cookies, water, coffee, and flower seeds will be provided.


  • Beechview Area Concerned Citizens will host Stan Pittman, Executive Director of the Sarah Heinz House, a Boys and Girls Club site. mr. Pittman will speak about the Boys and Girls Club and how it could be benefit Beechview.  The meeting will be March 5th, 7pm, at the United Presbyterian Church across from Foodland
  • Beechview Area Concerned Citizens will host a Candidates Forum for candidates for City Council and District Justice. The Forum will be March 26th, 7pm at St. Catherine’s McCann Hall
  • The Friends of the Library (Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh- Beechveiw) will hold their annual Flower and Book Sale on May 16th. Pre-orders for flowers are due by April 6th
  • The Annual Monument Service will take place May 24th, 10am at Monument Parklet
  • The Beechview Spray Park is still on track to be open for the summer of 2009!


  • Alice Vaday, a community leader, has been working with the Mayor’s office to replace trees on Brownsville Road. Carrick will recive a total of 60 trees, 26 of those trees have already been planted and 10 more will be planted in the Spring. Carrick has 14 certified Tree Tenders who have been caring for the trees, even in these cold winter months!
  • Carrick Community Council has elected a new board and they have been working had to update their mission statement and by-laws to become an even better organization
  • PNC Bank has agreed to remain at their location in the Carrick Shopping Center. PNC is working with the Carrick Communtiy Council to discuss ways that PNC can contribute more to the community
  • Carrick has received 12 new trash cans from the Mayor’s Office
  • Carrick Community Council will soon have 3 designs for street banners that they will choose from for Carrick


  • Overbrook Community Council will meet on March 24th
  • The Carrick-Overbrook Historical Society plans to apply for historical markers. Additionally, they have been contacted by members of the famous Phillips family from across the country.

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