Community Updates May 2009


  • There was a meeting held to discuss the Brookline Blvd reconstruction project
    • Construction to begin in 2011 season.
    • Repave/reconfigure the Pioneer/Brookline intersection
  • The BACC Potluck had a strong turnout
  • SPDC will continue meeting throughout the summer; BACC is off for the summer
  • A history class from Brashear High School repainted the Cannon and worked on the landscaping around the cannon in preparation for Memorial Day
  • Upcoming Events:
    • August 8th: Brookline Breeze and  Neighborhood Sidewalk Sale


  • A community meeting with Port Authority had a strong community presence
    • PAT staff will present their proposed changes to the board in June/July
    • Decision will be made in September
    • Currently, PAT is considering eliminating stops in Beechview based on data collected in Spring 2008
  • The Memorial Service and Flower Sale were successful events
  • The old Beechveiw pool was demoed, and construction for the new Spray Park should begin shortly
  • The Beechview Summit is now available online at
  • Upcoming Events:
    • Appraisal fair June 16th, 6-9 @ library, 3 items, $5 per item with the money goes to the library
    • Beechview Area Concerned Citizens will have their monthly meeting on June 4th, 7pm at Beechview United Presbyterian Church
    • June 6th, 8:30am-3pm: Beechview United Presbyterian Church Flea Market
    • Beginning on June 18th, Beechview will have a Farmer’s Market from 3:30-7:30 every Thursday in the Upper Parking Lot of St. Catherine’s Church
    • August 4th: Beechview’s annual Night Out Against Crime


  • Overbrook Community Council met Tuesday 5/26 and will have elections at the June 23rd meeting
  • Paty attended a Port Authority meeting in Greentree hosted by the Local Government Academy
    • Documents have been added to the Carrick listserve
    • Port Authority would like to use what resources/infrastructure is available
    • There was an ACCESS presentation
    • The Airport Corridor Transportation Association also presented their services
    • Need to find ways to get people to PAT stops
    • There is a proposed Park-n-ride in Greentree
      • Residents would be able to park for free but non-residents would be charged for parking
  • Overbrook Firehouse: bidding for downstairs remodeling has started
    • There will be a new bathroom
    • The current kitchen will be used as a meeting room
    • The upstairs will be closed off to meet ADA requirements


  • Upcoming Meetings:
    • June 10th 7pm, the Carrick Community Council will meet at Concord Elementary’s Auditorium
      • Officer Christine Luffy will be attending the meeting
    • June 15th, 6pm: Tree-tenders will meet at Brownsville and  – new trees have been put up; need to have some old ones removed; 6/15, 6pm, Brownsville and Sankey. Tree tenders will also meet on July 13th and August 17th at 6pm, with a location to be determined
    • August 23rd, 12pm: Carrick Corn Fest at Phillips Park
    • There will be a block party tentatively scheduled for September 12th in the 1800 block of Brownsville Road


  • Beechview seniors picnic attended a picnic at Banksville Park
  • Beechview and Banksville community members have been working to have a van or bus to transport Beechview youth to Banksville’s pool
    • Want to encourage use of the pool
    • Beechview youth don’t have easy access to the pool
  • Upcoming Events:
  • June 11th, 7pm: Ribbon cutting at Banksville Park for the renovated park facility

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